Why choose me as your Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Advisor?

I offer a diverse business background, including talents in administration, sales, marketing, identity creation, computer expertise, and communication. I have been a teacher, a professional speaker, best-selling author, and a top-ranking sales person. Over the years, I have worked for a variety of companies from Fortune 25, to a large “small business,” to being self-employed with my own company. The diversity of my experiences enables me to relate to many different individuals on a variety of levels. My intuitive skills and sales experience allow me to discover the real issues affecting your performance. My positive attitude and possibility thinking help me to develop a program for your success. You will benefit from the fact that I have provided “coaching” to friends and acquaintances for more than thirty years, and therefore have experience, even though my Life Coach Certification is recent. I am an expansion and possibilities thinker and often called the “voice of reason.” This allows me to show you options, yet keep you grounded in reality and attainability.

Being a Certified Trainer of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, I have the tools to train you and your company associates in winning business principles that have changed thousands of lives through an experiential process that has lasting benefits. Discover what you want, your purpose, and how to set achievable goals. Learn how to develop habits that propel you in the direction to achieve the results you want. Create a balanced life full of fun and success!




Penelope Jane Stetz - Certified Law of Attraction Advanced PractitionerAs a Certified Law of Attraction Advanced  Practitioner, I can show you how your thoughts become things, and help you ensure that you are thinking the thoughts necessary to live the life of your dreams!

We attract what we think about the most. What are you focusing on? Your success or your failure? Your abundance, or your lack? Depending on how you communicate with yourself, your inner voice that is always talking, you may be attracting people, events, things into your life that you don’t want.

Sometimes this process can be helpful. We often think we know what we want, but find out that it isn’t what we want after all, this type of experience can help us to learn what we DO want.


Life Coach Certification from Strategic Intervention. Strategic Intervention Coaching is a dynamic type of life coaching that brings a system of change that empowers you, the client, to take action daily in your life.

As a Strategic Intervention Coach, I help you take practical action to transform your experience of life. SI encompasses goal setting, communication skill building, relationship work, high performance, meaning/purpose discovery, and uses creative modalities to help you put your dreams into action.